Garden Under Cover: Low Tunnel Winter Vegetable Production


You’ve reached the official page of Garden Under Cover: Low Tunnel Winter Vegetable Production — available early spring 2017.


In Garden Under Cover: Low Tunnel Winter Vegetable Production, Cathy Rehmeyer, PhD (aka, ‘Mother of a Hubbard’) shares her experience growing vegetables in winter for her family and for market. In addition to writing the award-winning gardening blog, Mother of a Hubbard, Cathy operates Four Petal Farm in Pikeville, Kentucky, offering the region’s only winter CSA. In Garden Under Cover, Cathy discusses the methods and science behind winter growing, elaborating on low tunnel construction and management, appropriate cold-tolerant vegetables (over 20 types!), and harvest tips. You’ll find crop-by-crop discussions, along with recommendations for the most cold-hardy varieties based on Cathy’s field tests. A planting calendar appropriate for plant hardiness zones 6 and 7 is included, but Cathy also shares a planting formula that helps growers in any zone find success growing through the winter months.


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