No frost or freeze yet?!

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2012 is weird. Flat out bizarre.

First it was the unusually mild winter and a spring that was three weeks early. Now I am wondering when Jack Frost is finally going to get here.

I should be two weeks into the new blog by now, because normally we have our first frost by mid-October. But here it is, the first of November, and… nothing.


Oh, we did have a good dusting of snow on Halloween Eve, thanks to the madness of Hurricane Sandy.

But snow is a good insulator and generally helps protects plants against  damage from cold temperatures. Our garden thermometer never dropped below 34 degrees.

Just outside the city, almost everyone has reported a good killing frost. I live on a hill though, so cold air and frost generally settle below and are more kind to us. Instead of removing dead plants, I was picking peppers and tomatilloes for our Halloween fajitas.

So, until a frost or freeze arrives, I’ve added a page about our ducks under “The Menagerie.” Hope you enjoy “Slugs Taste Like Chocolate” and the introduction to our backyard flock.



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