The Good News!

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What memories of yourself do you wish for your children? Mine include laughing, digging in the dirt, making discoveries of the natural world, dancing together, and snuggling. Notice that staring at a computer screen is not among that list, so that is why I am very behind on updating the blog… but I haven’t forgotten you.

There has been a LOT of things happening in our world this month. The most exciting? Our good friends, the Howards, have adopted a newborn girl! If you follow this blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed the link to their adoption website on the right sidebar. They are amazing people, and we are so excited for their new family. We are also incredibly thankful to the birth mother that made this all possible for them… what a gift!

The girls meet Baby Howard for the first time.

The girls meet Baby Howard for the first time.


Adoption is beautiful. If you have been waiting, take heart… your little one is coming to you soon.


Until my next blog post (which is almost finished!), enjoy this picture of Bo Peep that I took yesterday on one of our explores. Whatever you have coming your way today, I hope you’ll be able to take delight in the dandelions in your life.



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