Winter Gardening

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Many of you that follow my Facebook page know that I’ve been speaking about winter gardening to several groups this summer. I’ve been pleasantly surprised (and almost overwhelmed) with requests for the information that I’m sharing with these groups, including requests for video of the talks. Wow!

I’m happy to share all of these materials with you on the blog today. Video? I attempted it at my most recent presentation this week, but my recording device failed. In the meantime, I decided to just post a powerpoint with voiceover, but keep in mind that it’s hard talking to a computer (I do so much better with an audience!). I’ll try again at a “live” recording next month, when I address the good folks at Pine Mountain Settlement School near Harlan, Kentucky.


How to Construct a Low Tunnel

Winter Vegetables and Their Planting Dates Table (At least for my hardiness zone, 6b)

Recommended Suppliers of Winter Seeds

Suppliers of Agribon and Other Winter Gardening Materials 

Winter Gardening Presentation on YouTube (Slides with Audio)



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